Fast and Free SLP, OT and PT Evaluation Templates

Due to the pandemic and everybody’s increased stress levels, we are offering the software for FREE.


It’s been a crazy and stressful year and it doesn’t seem to be getting that much better.  With schools changing to either a virtual or hybrid model, therapists have been questioning how they will complete an evaluation virtually. Each state or school district may have its own way of doing evaluations which can vary from in-person to virtual with standardized tests, or virtual without standardized tests, or a combination. However it may be, Double Time Docs can be the best tool in your toolbox to help you complete your reports efficiently while also providing a thorough individualized report.  

How is this possible, you may ask? Well, the therapist will answer some multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions and those answers are sent to a team of monkeys that frantically organize the information and write your report. 

Want to write your OT or PT evals lightening quick?

Check out Double Time Docs. Answer simple questions and your eval is generated automatically.

That’s actually not totally true.  The therapist does answer multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions but instead of monkeys (too expensive for inconsistent work) we developed a software that automatically writes the report. 

Does that sound too good to be true? It gets better because you can actually get your report written (as long as you have wifi) while completing an observation, consulting with the teacher and/or parent, cooking, baby sitting, listening to your husband talk about sports, etc. If you are doing in-person testing, you can inform the teacher or parent that your questions are on your phone/laptop and you can go through each relevant question on the template. If you are doing an evaluation virtually you can have a window open for the conference and one window open with the template.

Once you answer all the necessary questions, you can download your report into a Word Doc or Google Doc for fine-tuning, if necessary and your report is done (check out sample reports). No more transferring information from notes that you can barely read or realizing you forgot to ask about the child’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. AND that’s not even the best part!

Due to the pandemic and everybody’s increased stress levels, we are offering the software for FREE.

Individual therapists can use the software for FREE until December 31, 2020 and school districts or clinics can use the software for FREE until June 30, 2021. Sign up today and tell your friends, your administrators and other therapists, and use the time that would have been taken up by writing reports to learn a new apocalyptic skill like how to use a bow and arrow, garden or dig a bunker.