OT4Lyfe Podcast

Hey there. Some news from me: I was a guest on another fun podcast recently. This time it was with Sarah Putt at OT4Lyfe. Sarah is an OT working in California who focuses on Early Intervention. She is incredibly enthusiastic about OT and has a great podcast where she talks to OTs of all varieties and covers a wide range of topics.

On this episode, we talked about one of my favorite topics (said with a smirk), school-based OT evaluation documentation! We all have to write OT evals and I’m sure 100% of us grapple with it every time. Sarah and I talked about some strategies I use to keep the writing process down to a minimum amount of time. A huge time saver for me is using the software we developed, Double Time Docs. It’s a unique tool that allows you to answer questions and get your eval written automatically. We offer a 14-day Free Trial, so I encourage you to give it a try.

Want to write your OT or PT evals lightening quick?

Check out Double Time Docs. Answer simple questions and your eval is generated automatically.

We also talked a bit about my “patented” fish activity which I use with all my students, regardless of age or ability. It’s a terrific activity because I can get a ton of info about the student using just this one activity.

So please have a listen to our conversation on the podcast. We talk about many tips that can make a boring topic much more fun and faster.